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Erna Bossi: The character and behaviour of the samoyed

For hundreds of years the samoyed was the continual escort of people and guard of the reindeer herd. Along the generations the breed has evolved a so special grain which can't be compared with other dogs in the world.
With his rare beauty and his proud behaviour he is surely one of the most beautiful dogs of the world.
Lovable gentle fellow,without the usual "dog-smells".
They are absolutely reliable with children and they never make a conflict. But he can defend himself, if he isforced to fight.
He loves freedom above everything, so he mustn't be kept on chain.
He already shows every tipical character of the breed as a puppy.
It is not hard to gain his friendship only a bit of psychology is needed.
It is not permissible to be obdurate with him, becouse he is a proud dog with a strong character.
If a man can imagine how a samoyed is thinking and lets the dog know what he wants from him, the samoyed learns and works gladly.
The essence is never to be boaring for him.
If he is very pleased with something, he is very joyful.
You only have to look at him. The corners of his mouth are slightly curved forming the famous "samoyed-smile". In his dark, slanting and almond-shaped eyesyou can see the caper.
The snowy prince is a lovable friend of kids and tireles fellow on hikes.
He needs a conscientious nurture, and never can be left alone for a long time, because the former nomad-dog remained a small gipsy, who has no hitch, if he notices a possibility for a self-contained excursion.  And when he finished to grub the close and distant neighbourhood he returns home.
While formerly he was used as a hunter-fellow, he is not dislike to hunt anything he finds. But with good breeding he is as unproblematic as any other dog.
He can be used for nearly every work, only as a guard dog he is improper because the mercilessness is missing from him.
Moreover he is not an incorruptible guard, while he is friendly with everybody.
He is finely capable for agilty, or as a rescue dog. 
Of course he is mostly in his element as a sleddog.
He is not so fast as a husky, but he loves to run, he is persistant and very active.
So take care of our white friend that he would stay as he was once written:
"The big white dog who wears the spirit of christmas on his face and in his heart all over the year. 
The arctic sunshine and the snow has whitened his coat and covered his hair with icy glaze."